Letter writing tips


We have posted some examples of letters that you could use as part of your fundraising campaign. For those of you that are feeling creative, feel free to compose your own customized letter. Below are some great tips on how to write a great fundraising letter!

Keep It Short and Sweet

Remember to keep your fundraising letter short and focused on the event, your goal and of course how the funds raised are used. Ideally your letter should one page or less. The longer the letter is, the lower the chance that it will be read in a timely manner or at all.

Use Personal Greetings

Try not to generalize by using "Dear Friends" or something equivalent in the greeting. If you are sending a letter to Joe Johnston, then greet Joe Johnson. Showing that you've taken the time and care to personally address a potential donor can go a long way towards getting her/him involved.

Bullet Important Points

If there are important points to your fundraising letter that you've expressed in the opening paragraphs, re-summarize them in bullet form in short sentences. This allows people who may scan, instead of read, to learn the important points of The Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Snow Run fundraising drive without having to read through a huge document.

Be Specific

Ask for the gift amount you are looking for and set a time period within which you need it as well as stating what you need the donations for. However, be sure to add that any donation is always gladly accepted. You don't want people to think it is a $100 dollar donation or nothing at all. Be sure to let them know how to get the donation to you and that cheques can be made payable to “The Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Snow Run for Fun Trust”

Praise Previous Donors

If your letter is going out to people who have sponsored you before, be sure to include a sentence or two about how much your appreciate their previous generosity and their continued loyalty to helping women with breast cancer.

Be Clear and Simple

Try not to use huge words or complicated sentence structures. Be clear in your letter and make it easy to read for all potential donors. Avoid using words that may cause some donors to need a dictionary or look up complicated medical definitions.

Don’t forget to have fun!!!!