Message from the Ontario Event Committee

While getting together with women of similar interest for a weekend of snowmobiling is an awesome experience, the real reason for the KSBCSR is greater.


When cancer is diagnosed, many patients are at a loss, not only is their world turned upside down and their health / life at risk, but many also experience financial worries that may never have existed before. Loss of income, medicines, transportation cost, all of these can manifest into a huge concern, especially those self employed or stay at home types. Government assistance is not available to many, especially in the early stages of cancer. While there are many other worthwhile charities that raise money for Breast Cancer, their money does not go directly to the patient, it usually goes to research or hospitals.

Every week, our foundation receives 7 to 10 applications for assistance from across Canada and the need for our type of assistance is increasing rapidly.

The Snow Run is a weekend event that anyone should be proud to support, to be part of something so unique and so rewarding. We raise money that goes directly to Breast Cancer Patients, not research – DIRECTLY TO THOSE WHO NEED IT NOW!!!

Like many charities we also need to be conscious of the ever increasing costs of conducting such an event. We are always looking for ways to squeeze more money out of the cost side so that more can go where it is desperately needed – Directly to Cancer Patients. This is why for the first time ever this year we decided to remove the accommodation portion of the event and by doing so hope that with the same dollars coming in, much more money will go where it is needed.

The Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Snow Run and the Kelly Shires Foundation are volunteer run organizations. We have one (1) part time employee who handles the applications for assistance. All other aspects of running this charity are handled by volunteers, most of who are employed in full time jobs. Our volunteers also raise pledges or pay for our own attendance at the event. Like many others we believe so strongly in the need to help the women or men and their families who are struggling financially. We also hold fundraising events year round to provide funds for the charity.

We accept all donations and will provide receipts for all moneys received over $20.00, however the SnowRun is a weekend event and to participate, we ask all to raise a minimum $1,250.00 in pledges.

To put things into perspective, after removing our costs, that minimum pledge amount almost covers what the Foundation pays out in an average single application to assist one Breast Cancer Patient. So by reaching the minimum pledge amount, you have directly helped to financially assist one Breast Cancer Patient, something you should be very proud of achieving.

In a perfect situation we would be able to allow anyone with any amount of pledges to participate in the weekend events, however that is just not financially possible given all the costs associated - and the lower we go on the pledges the less the foundation receives to help Cancer Patients.

We believe everyone is capable of meeting the new lower minimum pledge levels if you believe in the cause and truly want to help make a difference in the life of a Breast Cancer Patient. We can also help you achieve that goal with ideas and suggestions that have been provided by others who have been successful in raising pledges and encourage you to take advantage.

The Ontario Event Committee is working hard to provide an enjoyable event for all, while raising the necessary money so the foundation can continue their great work. We believe we are keeping Kelly’s dream alive: we are trying to help as many Breast Cancer Patients as we can. To allow them that freedom from financial stress so they can concentrate on their health. We applaud those who raise money for cancer research, for hopefully our foundation will one day no longer be needed. But until Breast Cancer is history, we hope that we have your support as you are helping make someone else’s life easier, if only for a short time.


Ontario Event Committee